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Tendering and licencing procedure
The Government of Greenland invites investors to prepare project proposals and bid for two larger hydropower potentials in an open and transparent process. Both potentials are situated on the Southwest coast of Greenland, between Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. These potentials are the largest currently known and the most well researched. The areas in question are shown on the map below.

The tendering and licencing procedure for the exploitation of hydropower in Greenland for the production of electricity for industry or a commercial project is presented in “Invitation to Dialogue”.

From a Greenlandic perspective, the attraction of investors to the largest hydropower resources is expected to create value for Greenland from, e.g., new high skilled and blue-collar jobs and an additional new income stream for the treasury from royalties and taxes in relation to the hydropower resources and the off-take industry project.

Greenland’s approach and understanding of sustainability are rooted in the triple bottom line approach. To be truly sustainable, we need to implement policies that balance the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability.

The tendering and licencing procedure was announced at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam on 10 May 2022 by the Minister of Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment Kalistat Lund in a keynote speech. Read the speech here

Keynote speech World Hydrogen Summit 2022 Minister Kalistat Lund

Initial Market dialogue: September – November 2022
The Government of Greenland invites investors to an initial market dialogue. The dialogue will take place from September – November 2022. The purpose of the market dialogue is to secure an informal dialogue with a broad range of potential investors about the possibilities in Greenland, with the view to ensure input for the final tendering conditions.

Further information on the market dialogue will be published here on this web site.

Prospecting licence
Investors carrying out prospecting activities in relation to hydropower in Greenland – also in relation to this tender process – will have to apply for and be granted a “Non-exclusive licence for prospecting for hydropower resources for production of electricity”

Hydropower application guide for prospceting activities

Potential investors are welcome to contact the “energy section” in the Ministry for Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment:

Email: or

Phone: +299 34 50 00 or +299 34 56 59

Shape files for the areas reserved for competition
”Shape Files Areas Reserved for competition”

For a map-based showing, please visit: (ticking of 'Erhverv, Vandkraft, Forundersøgelsestilladelse')

Hydropower potentials to be subject to competition


Map for Tender Area