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Greenland hydropower potentials
Greenland has huge and abundant unexploited hydropower potentials. The energy is stable and environmentally sustainable.

Greenland’s enormous untapped hydropower resources exceed our domestic demands many times over, and Greenland has the potential to become a net energy exporter.

Due to global warming the ice sheet increases meltwater, which results in larger reservoir capacities. Discharge has been monitored for many years. 

Greenland is moving towards zero-emission production of electricity
The Government of Greenland is firmly committed to countering climate change, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and accelerating the transition to clean energy technologies. Global warming has a direct and significant impact on Greenland and our livelihood, threatening our unique biodiversity, as well as the habitats for both land and sea animals, are vanishing.

Greenland is moving towards zero-emission production of electricity and the greenlandic public utility company, Nukissiorfiit, has utilised hydropower for more than 30 years in its public energy production.

Greenland is currently in the process of building new hydropower plants increasing the electricity produced from sustainable sources. Greenland will continue to develop sustainable energy sources until we are no longer depending upon fossil fuels for our public heat and electricity production.

Greenland to host conference on the green future of maritime operations
The Government of Greenland wishes to apply focus to the green transition of one of the Nordic country’s biggest sources of CO2 emissions: the maritime industry. In line with this ambition, a conference is being held in Nuuk on 5-6 October 2022, with the agenda revolving around green maritime operation, whereby potential solutions offered by Greenland will be presented to the outside world.

Greenland and the Paris Agreement
The Government of Greenland has started the process of becoming a full signatory party of the Paris Agreement. Today Greenland has a territorial reservation.