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Data and reports
The Government of Greenland has published existing data on climate and hydrology.

The Government of Greenland plans to establish and collect further data on climate and hydrology along with ice- and water forecasts.

Water discharge data up until 2021
The Government of Greenland can provide qualifying parties with time series and hydrological measurements of water discharge data collected around Tarsartuup Tasersua and Tasersiaq (Areas 6g and 7e) during the period from 1974 to 2021, upon request.

This information is available free of charge on a confidential basis. Investors considering participation in the tender process for the large hydropower potentials in Tarsartuup Tasersua and Tasersiaq may find this information to be a valuable datapoint.

For further information about obtaining this data, please contact Dan Sivertsen at or

Previous pre-feasibility studies


Greenlandic Energy Use

Public topographic and bathymetric data about Greenland

GIS data