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Law and regulations
Exploitation of hydropower resources in Greenland is based on licencing procedures for prospecting or exploitation of hydropower in Greenland for the production of electricity.


Large scale


Public administration


Corporate and dividend tax

 Type  Amount
 Corporate tax  25%
 Dividend tax  42%
 Combined corporate and dividend tax  36% *

*Dividends can be deducted, whereby the total of Corporate Tax and Dividend Tax is 36%.

Personal tax in different municipalities
  1. Kommune Kujalleq
  2. Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq
  3. Qeqqata Kommunia
  4. Kommune Qeqertalik
  5. Avanaata Kommunia

 Location  Where  Amount
 Residence of Greenland  Kommune Kujalleq  44%
   Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq  42%
   Qeqqata Kommunia  42%
   Kommune Qeqertalik  44%
   Avannaata Kommunia  44%
 Residence outside of Greenland  Employees with no tax liability to Greenland in the previous 6 months: a flat rate regime in general without deductions and allowances  35%
 Employer’s obligation  Payment of labour market contribution of gross salary  1,1%

Depreciation allowance

 Type  Effect  Amount
 Buildings  Straight line  Up to 5%
 Ships and planes  Straight line  Up to 10%
 Operating equipment  Declining balance  Up to 30%
 Operating equipment  Acquisition costs below DKK 50,000  Up to 100%
   Acquisition costs below DKK 100,000*  Up to 100%

*Only applies to individuals receiving income from independent business activities.