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  • Hydropower potentials

    Greenland has huge and abundant unexploited hydropower potentials. The energy is stable and environmentally sustainable.

  • Data and reports

    The Government of Greenland has published existing data on climate and hydrology.

  • Tendering and licensing

    The Government of Greenland invites investors to prepare project proposals and bid for two larger hydropower potentials in an open and transparent process. Both potentials are situated on the Southwest coast of Greenland, between Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. These potentials are the largest currently known and the most well researched. The areas in question are shown on the map below.

  • Law and regulations

    Exploitation of hydropower resources in Greenland is based on licencing procedures for prospecting or exploitation of hydropower in Greenland for the production of electricity.

  • Contact

    Greenland’s hydropower resources is managed and administrated by the “energy section” in the Ministry for Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment.