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Kalistat Lund, the Minister of Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy, and Environment, actively engaged in positive discussions with the communities near Maniitsoq regarding the tender for large hydropower close to Tasersiaq

From September 18 to 20, 2023, Minister Kalistat Lund traveled to Maniitsoq and nearby settlements. During this time, participated in several meetings with the communities initiating a dialogue on the hydropower potential of Tasersiaq and Tarsartuup Tasersua.
2. October 2023

“One of the guiding principles for the Government of Greenland in this tender process is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project in environmental, climatic, economic, and societal aspects.” says Minister Kalistat Lund, and continues. “I want to actively engage with the communities throughout the project's duration to ensure support for the project and identify potential challenges.”

The primary objective of these meetings was to inform the residents about the hydropower tender, listen to their opinions, and address any questions they may have. The community meetings were highly constructive and productive, resulting in Minister Kalistat Lund having fruitful discussions with the residents.

These conversations with the local residents covered several issues, including:

  • Opportunities for the local community.
  • Environmental considerations of the fishing and hunting areas.
  • Implications for nature and wildlife.

Minister Kalistat Lund greatly values the engagement and input received from the local community. He intends to take this valuable input into consideration during the subsequent stages of the tender process.

Minister Kalistat Lund is committed to continuing the dialogue with the communities as the tender process progresses further.