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Companies are invited to invest in Greenland's largest untapped hydropower potentials

On 10 May 2022, the Minister for Agriculture, Self-sufficiency, Energy and Environment announced during the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam that Greenland's largest untapped hydropower potentials Tasersiaq and Tarsartuup Tasersua will be launched for competitive tender.
10. May 2022
Minister Kalistat Lund delivers keynote speech at the 2022 World Hydrogen Summit

The Government of Greenland is starting the process of finding investors who might be interested in building a hydroelectric power plant in Tasersiaq and Tarsartuup Tasersua.

Investors must be ready to invest in hydropower production as well as one or more off-take industries that can exploit the green energy that the hydropower plant will produce.

“It is historic that we are announcing our plans to attract investors and competitively launch Greenland's largest hydropower potentials. The goal is for the hydropower resources that we do not need to supply our own towns and settlements to be used by others. As such, we will contribute to the green transition and secure new earnings for our country,” says Minister for Agriculture, Self-sufficiency, Energy and Environment Kalistat Lund.

“The competitive tender will ensure that we ultimately offer a license to the investor with the best project and who gives us the best offer", adds Minister Kalistat Lund.

World Hydrogen Summit is held on 9th – 11th May in Rotterdam, Amsterdam. The conference is attended by several relevant investors in green energy. It is therefore a highly relevant platform for Greenland's announcement of the competitive tender of the large hydropower potentials Tasersiaq and Tarsartuup Tasersua.

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For further information please contact Mette Skarregaard Pedersen, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Self-sufficiency, Energy and the Environment on tel.: 346476/529844 or e-mail: or