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The Government of Greenland kicks off period of investor dialogue

Since the announcement in May that the Greenland’s largest untapped hydropower potentials would be launched for competitive tender, the Government has worked at full speed to prepare the terms of tendering and licensing.
23. August 2022

The Government of Greenland invites investors to participate in an initial market dialogue to ensure input for the final tendering conditions. The dialogue will take place from September – November 2022.

To facilitate this interaction, the Government of Greenland has prepared a questionnaire, which covers the topics that will be subject to dialogue. Interested investors are encouraged to prepare comments and feedback on the expected pre-qualification, tender and license terms and request a meeting to engage in dialogue about the content of the questionnaire.

The dialogue will be carried out via digital or in-person meetings in either Nuuk or Copenhagen. Meetings will be attended by officials in charge of the tender process from the Government of Greenland and be treated with full confidentiality.

Prior to the meeting, investors must submit a written communication outlining what they wish to engage in dialogue about, preferably using the questionnaire. This document must be received no later than 5 working days before the meeting.

The Government of Greenland is committed to equal treatment of all interested investors. All questions will receive a written reply following elaborative discussions during meetings. Replies will be published in anonymous and non-identifiable form on this website at the end of the dialogue period.

Any questions and meeting requests can be directed towards Ane Wraae Nielsen at

The questionnaire and appendices can be downloaded here: